Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Be So Touchy!

When it comes to germs, I am the first to admit that I am over the top. My relationship with hand sanitizer is comparable to Snooki's relationship with sunless tanner. I never leave home without it and if I do, I may go into complete panic mode.

I am not proud of this. It is very trying to live life as a neurotic obsessive compulsive mother of three month old twins. Even harder is being labeled as such by other people. I am sick and tired of certain members of my and my husband's family making me feel like an unreasonable person when I politely ask that they apply Purell before handling the babies. Or when they subtly roll their eyes when I ask them if they have a cough or cold before they come to visit. Or when I request that certain people not handle the babies.

Even though David and Layla were just three weeks premature, my pediatrician recommended that we keep them shielded from children or "germ factories" (as she put it) for their first three months of life. Of course, this has complicated matters since my three nieces and one nephew- all between the ages of 2 and 9 and definitely members of the grimy dirty germy hands club -were so anxious to meet their new cousins. To make a long story short It annoyed a certain in-law of mine when I said the children would have to wait the three month period. It annoyed me when she got annoyed. A door slam, a name calling and a screaming match later and I am no longer on speaking terms with this person.

All this drama had me wondering whether their was an easier way. Can you have the best of both worlds? Is it possible to keep the germs away without blowing your germaphobe cover? Here are some of my ideas.

1.Buy a high-tech home hand sanitizing kit. I bought one and now I simply pretend you I am letting guests try out my new gadget. Works every time.
2. Cover their infant carrier with mosquito netting. This only works outdoors and actually was suggested by my pediatrician who is also a mother of quadruplets. Not only does it get keep the mosquitoes away, it keeps the people away.
3. Tell people that the babies have a cold.
4. Germaphobe gear gets the message across by showing people you have a sense of humor about it. Check out for "don't touch" tags.

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