Friday, August 20, 2010

A Similac Story

Q: Can baby formula get contaminated when left out in the heat?

A: Not if the container is sealed.

A few months ago, I signed up for

But four months after I registered for the program, I still hadn't receive any offers or coupons or any freebies whatsoever. I spend at least fifty bucks a week on Similac Sensitive which comes to more per month than my car payment and I was starting to give up hope of getting any lucky breaks.

Then, one sizzling hot 97 degree summer afternoon in August it happened.

I opened my mailbox and there they were: a cardboard box toting two glorious radiant complimentary containers of Similac Sensitive...Well, Two scalding hot to the touch tins of Similac Sensitive.

I felt distressed.

The tins had been sitting there for at least five hours and I was sure the milk based formula was contaminated. I was angry and I felt the need to blame someone. Why why why didn't Strong Moms put an advisory on the box. Jesus, didn't my mailman have more sense than to leave baby formula out in this heat?

I knew I would not sleep well at night if I fed this to my babies without further investigation so I called the company and spoke to a super duper friendly Product Specialist who instantly validated my concerns.

Here is what she said:

Although the Abbott company recommends that Similac be stored between 55 and 75 degrees. The formula can stay good at 95 degrees for 24 hours as long as the container is sealed.
Similac Strong Moms. As a non-breastfeeding mother of twins, I can tell you that the cost of formula is no joke. In exchange for your email address, Strong Moms claims to send Similac users like me up to $329 in discounts and deals.

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